The parents

I had so much trouble getting the two photos of The Gap uploaded that I gave up the idea of actually writing anything this morning!

The Gap, as Cat pointed out, is the place you go if you want a successful suicide!  20-30 people suicide each year by leaping from The Gaps onto the rocks below.   If the jumper manages to make it into the water the rips and waves will throw them onto those rocks. 

Today we drove up to my parent's place …  we are staying in a hotel nearby rather than in the retirement village!   Half way up I rang to say that we were on the way and my father said "who is this?"  – he was then so vague that I wondered if they had forgotten we were coming!

My father had a massive stroke 22 years ago and has been getting more and more feeble – he gets around in a "go chair" now as it is too much for him to get from the bed to the kitchen.  My mother uses a walking frame to get around. They are not that old at 76 and 75 but they do not get around well and have to pay people to do just about everything now from shopping to walking the dog to coming to cut hair and toenails! (ich!)

They just had broadband internet installed with a router to send wifi around the house.  My mother bought a laptop and managed to send me one email before everything went wrong.  My father turned his computer on and brought up the dial up box and then wondered why nothing was working.  He insists on always turning everything off at the powerpoints and then pulling the cords out.  Everyone told him that this new broadband and wifi was so easy he wouldn't have to worry about anything………  they didn't realise he wouldn't leave anything turned on.  

The astro-dweeb got down and untangled numerous cords and power boards and gave him a lecture on leaving the router on.  My father is terrified that lightning is going to strike the house and come down one of these left-on power points!!  The router was reset but then neither my mother or father could remember the password -  both came up with about 3 or 4 passwords – none of which worked.  The astro-dweeb had to call the provider to get that – it is good that he is here because he has far more patience than I do.

Hooray – eventually we are online!!  but, now I find that the connection is so slow I can not get one photo to upload onto here!!! 

I was just looking at my parents sitting in their lift-chairs (at the press of a button they throw you out on your feet) – I just started giggling and couldn't stop.  My mother asked me what was funny and I replied  "I have just seen my future" ……..  

And that is really scary!! 
Please God keep my body and mind active right to the very last breath!

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  1. My mother does the same thing – turns everything off at the power point. I used to tell her how silly she was, but as we have been all made aware of how much power electrical items use when on standby I now feel ashamed for berating her!
    We had to take the microwave away from father-in-law as he was starting to explode things! Now he just leaves taps on and floods the kitchen. I guess at 90 he is allowed!

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