Another day

It has just taken about 40 minutes to upload a few photos  – we are in the hotel and are on someone's unprotected wi-fi.     We are about to go out to breakfast to a cafe which sits over the water – a wonderful location.   I don't care so much about the food as long as there is strong coffee – I am going to need fortification for another full day with my poor parents and it is just slightly too early to start on alcohol (but be assured, I will be nipping from lunch time onwards!).

These are photos from our first full day here.   This is the Watson's Bay beach

This is the city of Sydney photographed across the water from Watson's Bay.  You can see that it is not really a very spread out city:

These are Banksia – an Australian wildflower:  (a live one and a dead one)

This is the Korean charcoal BBQ restaurant we found in suburban Sydney.   We were the only non-Asians in the place which is always a very good recommendation and the food was fabulous:

And this is little Diesel – the locksmith son's dog.  Diesel was expelled from doggy school for being over-excited and picking fights with bigger dogs!   He is an Australian cattle dog Kelpie cross younger than 12 months.  In this photo he is still because he is waiting for permission to eat his dinner.  This is the one thing he did learn before expulsion – he is told to sit, lie low, wait and then okay, eat.   My son says that he  had the poor little thing wait nearly 10 minutes once to see if he would break away and he didn't  – it is actually the only thing he is obedient at!

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12 responses

  1. Great photos Emjay, they make me want a holiday right now!
    I love the dog – I had a lurcher who would do anything for cheese!
    Bear up now, you'll be fine.. my mother always asks me whether I have a clean handkerchief… I'm 45 for goodness sake!

  2. LOL @ the handkerchief!!! I think I do that to my kids – I will make an effort to stop this!!The dog is so cute but it is very excitable – you can't go outside in good clothes.

  3. I really enjoy these pics. I'm so envious of anyone with access to big water like that (says she, sitting in the middle of CornField, America). Don't sweat the Mum and Dad thing…they don't really mean to do it, and they're always gone too soon. I do remember what that was like, though. It's hard not to get aggravated, lol.

  4. The water all around is gorgeous. I know I sounded mean about my parents but I really do love them and know that you are right about time running out. Every time I leave here I really do wonder if it will be the last time I see them and I get all depressed.

  5. Don't be depressed! Leave with the impression that you've taken every word or piece of advice to heart so that last thing you see is a big ol' smile of satifaction on their faces, lol. Then raise a glass of wine, and go on about your big bad self! No regrets. Besides they may outlive you. None of us are guaranteed another day. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy all the beauty around you. You deserve it. We ALL deserve it for making it thru another day in this tough world. 🙂

  6. Thanks for the kind words. My father is actually a very difficult man and we are all convinced that he is definitely outliving all of us – just through sheer willpower!

  7. My father is actually a very difficult man and we are all convinced
    that he is definitely outliving all of us – just through sheer
    willpower!Or spite? ;o)

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