Hello from Sydney

Arrived in Sydney yesterday but after all the travelling I was pretty much a wreck.
I think the compression stockings worked (there is no evidence of a blood clot!!)…  but on the flight from DC to LA my feet were incredibly cold in those knee highs. I thought the idea of the compression was to increase circulation so I was surprised to find my feet so cold and I had to scour LAX for socks  – I had visions of having to buy Lakers purple & yellow socks or Disney designs, but I actually found white anklets – at this stage my sister commented that she hoped I was not wearing a skirt!   Now that is an attractive image!

Anyway, basically all we did yesterday was cook dinner for the kids!

This morning we got up and went to The Gap and Watson's Bay (where I took lovely photos of the Pacific Ocean) and then went to a fabulous Korean Charcoal BBQ place for lunch. 

Tonight the Princess cooked dinner for us – delicious tacos – her signature dish!

I have photos to post but AH's computer is so old …..  (need I say more).

Off to the retirement village tomorrow – about 3 hours drive north of Sydney – to see my parents for a couple of days.  Maybe I will find an unprotected wifi signal while wandering around. 🙂


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  1. LOL! We were looking for a computer cable in a shop in the suburbs when we came across this fabulous restaurant. We were the only non-Asians in there which is probably a great recommendation. I had delicious dumplings and a seafood pancake.

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