Checking in from LAX

Now I am glad I brought the laptop.  I have a 5 hour wait in LAX for my next flight.  The astro-dweeb is flying in from Hawaii to catch this flight with me – seems sort of romantic ….

People look so dowdy in airports don't they?  I suppose it is a combination of wearing "comfy" clothes, anxiety & tiredness which leads to very few good looking fliers!

Maybe you are curious about what sort of music I have on my iPod to wile away all these hours.  Well, the back of my iPod is inscribed with my name and under that it says "Daggy-licious" .   I have over 5,000 eclectic songs on my iPod but the general genre could probably be described as daggy.

I enjoyed nearly an hour of Nana Mouskouri over West Virginia & Kentucky (I realise that probably only my sister will not have to google her!); followed by some Alison Krause and Dixie Chicks.  I then listened to Jenny Lewis's "Rabbit Fur Coat" album twice – love it!!    I have Louis Armstrong, Ray Charles, Amy Winehouse, Beach Boys, Robert Plant, The Animals, Chris Isaak, Commander Cody, Shirley Bassey, Cilla Black, Dean Martin, Eminem,  Edith Piaff, Frank Zappa, Israel Kamakawiwo, Green Day and the list goes on….  but my favourite travelling music is Johnny Cash.  His sonorous voice and the consistent level of sound, both voice and instrumental, is effective in keeping me in a lulled state.  I have, and love, all his American Recording albums and have them in a playlist of their own which I set on "repeat".  

So now you can imagine me over the Pacific Ocean playing 15 hours of Johnny Cash!  Now that is daggy!

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  1. I remember Nana Mouskouri's series on ABC TV! We watched it weekly – loved those black horned rimmed glasses – I think she is still wearing the same style!
    I would have Amy Winehouse. My Mum, if she knew what an ipod was, would have Johnny Cash but I understand about the voice. I have a soft spot for Doris Day!

  2. Yikes! Flying over oceans! You're one brave lady! I haven't flown in years and even then only around the U.S. We're flying to Pasadena this December and I'm both excited and anxious about it! Keep checking in! I'm glad you brought your laptop too! Johnny Cash rules!

  3. ABC was the only station we got (once we got a television). We watched Nana, Cilla and Cleo Laine every week – along with Tom Jones, David Allen, David Frost, Two Ronnies – there was a lot of good entertainment on the telly in those days! 🙂

  4. LOL! It always makes me wonder if I should have paid more attention to the emergency water landing demonstration. I'm always tempted to feel under my seat to make sure the life jacket really is there.

  5. I actually was not a Johnny Cash fan until I starting doing this long
    haul home every year. I found that he is the only one whose voice or
    music does not wake me up! LOL – that sounds funny. Oz will be worth
    every one of the 30 hours it is taking me to get there. And these 5 hours give me time to check my neighbours!

  6. There were only a couple I did not know. Great traveling music all. Do enjoy yourself and be very careful. Such a ding dong world out there. I am jealous I do so love to travel. ahhhhh

  7. One of my own best flying experiences was listening to Jimmy Buffett. He helped pass several hours, providing great enjoyment. But Johnny Cash is an excellent choice! I love his deep voice in his more senior years…

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