Watson’s Bay, Sydney

Watson's Bay is located at the southern head entrance (commonly called South Head) to Sydney Harbour.

It is recognised as Australia's oldest fishing village – established in 1788  – and is generally just a lovely place to hang out.

The Watson's Bay Hotel beer garden is a great way to wile away time watching ferries berth and sea planes touching down.  The famous Doyle's Restaurant opened here in 1885 – roughly on the spot where the first Mr Doyle sold fish.  The restaurant has been in the same family since opening! 

I took this photo from the wharf – the hotel (pub) is the building on the right and Doyles Restaurant is the cream building in the middle.   I'm sure I will spend time here on my visit home as my friend AH lives just down the road!


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11 responses

  1. Very beautiful. I appreciate being close to almost any natural body of water. I think it's a good thing to have the 3 big elements all within one's grasp. Enjoy your visit! I'm looking forwrd to more pics.

  2. Hope they have wireless there, be a shame if you had to drop a post in a kangaroos pouch for delivery to vox just so we could find out how you are doing. You know we are going to miss you, don't you? 🙂

  3. LOL – the image of a kangaroo with my memory stick in its pouch! WiFi is a bit hit and miss in Sydney – so I might be bludging internet time from my friends! But I will be checking in and posting – I want everyone to see how lovely it is!

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