Summer holidays

Every year, just after Christmas, our parents would take us on holidays to Sydney.  This involved a tedious & uncomfortable 9 or 10 hour drive with 4 kids squashed across the back seat of a station wagon.  For many years the Doberman would come with us, riding in the back section, and constantly dribbling over the back seat down our necks. 

Radio was sketchy – a combination of not many radio stations out in the country, power-lines creating static rather than music and probably just a crummy radio in the car.  There was no such thing as a tape deck and certainly no CD!  The car did not have air conditioning other than the open windows – this is summer in Australia and it was bloody hot.  My mother would make sandwiches and pack them into an esky to dole out as we went so that my father did not have to stop except for petrol – during which time you were expected to go to the toilet even if you didn't want to go  -  "just try" my mother would encourage.  I don't remember my mother ever taking a turn at the wheel. 

Oh yes – it was a joyful trip!   But, once we were at the beach, well … everyone had time to get over the journey and no one thought about the return trip – except perhaps my poor parents!

We mostly holidayed at Dee Why & Curl Curl  – the northern beaches of Sydney.  Look at these happy holiday smiles!  This is circa late '60s.

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  1. do you realise that when you're the youngest of four, on a long and tedious car trip, that your back never actually touches the back of the seat. You always have to sit forward, perched on the edge of the seat. And forget about ever sitting near a window. So the oldest child should consider their trip actually quite comfortable.

  2. LOL!! The two in the middle also had to share that "hump" in the floor too! I think I probably always got a window and the other window was shared between the middle kids. My argument was probably which window I got!!

  3. ah the good old days. lol. simpler time though. I do miss those days. Weird. I miss people sitting outside on their porches or steps eating watermelon and playing with the other kids. The world moves on. What a happy looking group of children you were.

  4. These trips sound very familar. We used to often drive from Adelaide to melbourne or Sydney… at least there were only three of us, but no airconditioning and yes, no radio. My sister and I developed a great hatred of Steve Forbett who my father, during one periodm insisted on playing on a tape over and over again!

  5. As kids, what the heck did we do with our time? I remember long drives with my parents and brother and I can't remember how we killed time in the back seat other than arguing and driving my dad crazy. I thought I was all high tech when I bought a walkman back in the early 80's. My dad through I was being anti social so he made me give him the tape I was listening and we all listened to Devo for an hour. Funny he never asked me for any music after that. heh kids don't know how good they have it now.

  6. Yes – those were the days! My grandfather used to sit on the back porch and "whittle" – people used to just "hang out" – now everyone is too busy or too scared – such a shame.

  7. I seem to remember that summers were hotter when I was growing up (and winters were colder). But, no matter what the weather was, when we were on holidays we went to the beach everyday. Somewhere there are photos of us children on closed beaches, in thunderstorms and in jumpers! I think our father thought that he had driven that far to the beach so we were going to go to the beach!

  8. LOL!! Three children – what luxury! What space you must have had on that bench seat :-). This trip was done until I was 17 – so imagine how big we all were by then!!

  9. LOL! Devo – I'll bet he loved "Whip it"…..I think we used to play "games" with numberplates. There was no room for any type of actual game so it had to be mind games. During any fights we had my father would swing his arm wildly over the back of his seat trying to smack one/any of us. Now that is scary!

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