Hawaiian Exotics

Monday it was 74 degrees in Washington DC and we sat out on our deck enjoying lunch in the sun – I got a tinge of pink on my cheeks.  By this afternoon it was snowing  and my cheeks were pink from the cold!!  Such  a variance without leaving town!!

I had been looking forward to taking some photos of the eclipse tonight and posting them but it doesn't look as though the clouds are going to clear in time. So, when plans go astray it is nice to have some old favourites to dig out.  I took these photos in a Buddhist garden in Hawaii.   

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  1. Brilliant photos! Very beautiful. Yes, here in the Northern hemisphere the weather is a bit odd and changeable. In Oz it's summer, innit? Bet you'd rather be there. ~S

  2. Beautiful!We have similar weather ups and downs in our part of the world. This was another big thing I had to adjust to; in India, summers are hot, winters are cold, and never do they tango together like they do here!

  3. Oh Emmy, this morning I found out I missed the eclipse. It wasn't cloudy here in Nassau last night, but, being away from the news, well, I just didn't know it was going to happen! I fell asleep before 9 pm, and this morning they (the family) told me they all tried to wake me up to see it. Apparently I slept like a rock. Now, on to your photographs! Amazing and beautiful :)) Hugs gf, how many more days till your holiday? :))

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