Happy Birthday NLW

Today my son turns 21 years old in Australia. He was a bouncing 7lb 15oz when born – I was always grateful that it wasn't 8lbs :-).   He had masses & masses of thick black hair and looked huge compared to the others in the nursery.
He was incredibly placid  – never cried & actually had to be woken to be fed – the total opposite of the first son.

He will graduate at the end of this year with a Bachelor of Property Economics – Sub Major in Construction Finance and Economics.   He is putting himself through uni,  first with long shifts at McDonald's and now with a large real estate services & money management firm who give him time off to attend classes.  I am very proud of him! 

These are the earliest photos I have of him   -  his baby photos are still in Australia.

He threw himself a 21st BBQ party in the backyard on Saturday night – we are told there were "no incidents" that I should know about!  🙂

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  1. Nothing along the lines of Party Boy Corey hit the headlines over the weekend, so he must have been telling the truth about the lack of "incidents".

    Happy Birthday – and congratulations on a job well done to Mum and Dad!

  2. Thank you. LOL – we heard about Corey way over here! NLW invited the neighbours so that they had nothing to complain about (until after they went home of course.) I think it wrapped up around 2am…. not too bad for Saturday night in suburban Sydney.

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