Just because …..

Just because the weather is so crappy …..

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  1. Thank you – just what we need with more ice expected tonight! I think their little "hats" are so cute. I know they are there to protect the flowers and that I was probably supposed to take them off !! 🙂

  2. Ahh, gerbera daisy's are my favorite too :)) I love the way they have the little cups around them, I've never seen them presented for purchase like that before. I'd keep them on too, maybe the flowers will stay upright a little longer, and it looks like each one has a crystal skirt! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who buys "just because" flowers :))Heck, one thing I've learned in my 51 years is that I don't have to WAIT for someone to buy me flowers. I can go splurge on myself. I love them for their beauty, regardless of who picks up the check!

  3. Those are soooo pretty. Sorry to say, but we've been a bit sticky with weather in the low 70s. But we had 70 MPH winds last night that ripped to shreds whatever flowers we had outside 😦 Nice to see these photos.

  4. Is the weather so bad up north that flowers have to wear hats when they go outside? What'll them yankees come up with next? Makes me glad to live in Texas, where the flowers are flowers and the men are glad of it. It makes finding something for Valentine's Day sooooo much easier. Which reminds me, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY Emjay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. LOL! Aren't they the strangest little caps? I have never seen them before so maybe these are not American flowers at all. Perhaps they were shipped in from a hothouse in Amsterdam?

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