Em-derella goes to the company “prom”

Last night was the company's annual "prom" and Em-derella was there in all her finery:   An Op-shop dress and beads her mother had given her.

Em-derella does not have a chariot, so her transport was a combination of shank's pony and metro train:

The National Building Museum is a fabulous venue::

Decorated tables awaited bottoms:

The jazz was cool but Em-derella knew it was time to go home when the gangstas started to look real and a wee bit blurry!

All photos were taken with Canon PowerShot SD850 on manual setting.  ISO varied between 80 and 1600.  Flash was used just once on one shot of the tables.

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24 responses

  1. Marie, great photos and story. I like that you didn't use the flash for all but one of the photos and that you played around with the ISO. Would have loved to seen you in the great dress…it looks so like a 1920's flapper dress. Did you buy that dress know the eveing was going to about jazz and gansters?

  2. Em-derella I am so glad that you made it home safely from the ball. I was going to have our fairy Godmother come check on you if did not, lol.I love the dress and like everyone else wish I could have seen it on you. The beads are great too. Watch out I saw Sweet coveting those beads, make sure you put them away somewhere safe, just teasing.I think the statues of the gangsters are so cool.you got some great photos

  3. Wow! Great photos and looks like you had a great night as well. Gorgeous dress and accessories, beautiful building AND jazz – what a night! I don't see any pictures of you in that great dress though!

  4. Thank you. We knew that the theme of the night was Roaring 20's so I was looking for something that looked flapperish and there was the dress in an op-shop! I was lucky – it is not vintage but it is similar shape to the real thing.

  5. Thank you. I meant to take a photo of the buffet tables as they were spectacularly laden. By the time I got over there they were surrounded by people …. suffice to say that every thing was delicious – especially the sweets!

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