Back in time


Today I am posting old photos of my childhood  – my sister scanned these for me – both because she has my grandfather's slides and she has a scanner!
Swimming with my handsome father:

Showing flexibility with one of my sisters (I'm on the right).

With my best friend at the time, Melissa

On the farm – my brother & I on the "header" (harvester) 

About 17 years old – with our Doberman, Portia 

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  1. This looks like a positively delightful childhood…to be in such beautiful surroundings! Your father…VERY handsome, you must have gotten the blonde locks from Mom, but you definitely have your father's eyes and expression in these pics. I bet you are a statuesque blonde beauty. Me…grunting to reach 5' 3", and always 2 inches too short to reach things. Love the dog; Dogz Rule!

  2. Thank you. Yeah my mum was blonde – they had 3 blonde daughters and a red headed boy! I am 5' 8 & a smidgeon tall – and I want to be 5' 10" !! We are never happy are we? I do remember it as being a lovely childhood and that dog was a really beautiful dog in every way.

  3. What a fun set of photos! When I move I'll hopefully have time to post some old photos I'm finding. You actually look a lot like my daughter. LOL Our family came from northern England, which is a straight shot to Scandinavia. I'm tall like you, glow-in-the-dark white, and have a daughter with paper thin pale skin. Since most of us came from the UK eons ago, maybe we're the same Scandinavian stock. Ya? 🙂

  4. LOL! My father put this up with the help of neighbours one (boozy) Christmas Eve. I don't remember finding it on Christmas morning but I have heard the story of the installation many times! It survived 3 more siblings! They made things to last back then.

  5. Thank you Shobha. It is wonderful to have happy childhood memories and I am lucky to have had a grandfather who seemed to have recorded everything in photo slides. I hope my sister sends me more.

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