Glen Helen Gorge

Glen Helen Gorge is a fast hour to an hour & half's drive west of Alice Springs.  The Finke River runs through the Gorge which is formed from quartzite.

Glen Helen is known to local Aborigines as Yapalpe and the Finke River is Larapinta which means "serpent".

The Finke River only ever runs the entire length of its 1000km course about twice every century and Glen Helen is one of only six permanent waterholes on the river.

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11 responses

  1. Were you there as a tourist or for work? We were doing the tourist thing having driven from Uluru – we had 3 days in Alice so had time to explore some of the MacDonnell Ranges – well worth it.

  2. Thank you…. (I love your new icon – very summer). Not sure what the plant is – there were a bunch of them growing in the mud flats. They were very fluffy – the sort you make wishes on if you can catch one flying off.

  3. Tourist, my wife and two sons. We drove from Darwin to Uluru via Kakadu, Katherine, Tennant Creek, and Alice Springs. My wife was born in Tennant Creek, and lived in Alice Springs for some years. She says she'd go back there to live. I wouldn't, even though I enjoyed our stay.

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