Simpson’s Gap

Last year, during my trip back home, we spent time in the Northern Territory at Uluru, the Olgas and Alice Springs.

Simpson's Gap is about 12 miles west of Alice Springs in the West MacDonnell Ranges.  It was discovered in 1871 by a surveyor named Gilbert McMinn but the origin of the name Simpson is unclear – it has no connection to the Simpson Desert and actually was spelt Simsons Gap originally.  In 1970 it was established as a national park – before that it was part of a huge cattle station.

Throughout the national park there is a striking contrast in the landscape from deep gorges in the sandstone carved by watercourses of long ago; to permanent waterholes to dry river beds and desert plains and dunes.   Leading to the gap is an area of white sand with eucalyptus trees and ghost gums  – the gap itself is a permanent waterhole sitting in the shelter of rugged cliffs.  


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  1. Simpson's Gap is one of the places that most strongly impacted me. I just felt so much peace, it's what I imagine heaven is like. I escorted a bunch of kids from a school in Darwin along the Larrapinta Trail, and we camped there for a few glorious days. Thanks for bringing back the memories, Emjay!

  2. Oh – how wonderful. I hope the children appreciated the solitude as much as you did? The whole area is beautiful with Standley Chasm and the walls of ochre nearby as well.

  3. Thank you. Yes there is a lot of beauty to see in the Northern Territory – actually in the whole of Australia. Sometimes it just seems easier to see some of the world rather than our own country. Now that I am not in the country I have lots of places I want to see there.

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