Gunshots!  Shouldn't just the word make people take notice?

Well, apparently not in the area where I live, where the sounds of gunshots do not shock or scare or provoke any action – barely a news report.

I was looking for a contact address for our Ward's Councilman when I came across his crime reports. Further checking showed that 100 (one HUNDRED) shots were fired between October 1st and November 30th 2007 Washington Post article

100 shots over  a period of 61 days!!!

Apparently "only" 11 people were injured so the success rate of those shots was not great – more practise required perhaps??

But, in all seriousness though, this is not the wild west. This is Washington DC.  This is the supposed capital of the free world.  This is just ONE Ward of Washington DC!!  There are 8 wards in DC and we are not the worst violence-wise.

Now lest you think I did not do my research before buying into this neighborhood  – I did diligently check report sites and list servs dedicated to recording crime in this area. Admittedly it was a bit scary but the " super violent" crime was not too bad, at least relative to the worst areas of the city!  Apparently the neighbourhood took a downward spiral basically the very week we moved in!! 

Isn't anyone worried about this except for myself and my Councilman?  If those 100 shots had resulted in 100 deaths surely people would be upset!

We have CCTV coverage and gunshot triangulation systems  (how it works) but for all that we do not have many arrests and obviously these measures do not act as deterrents.

I don't know what the answer is but I am a little shocked at how nonchalantly unconcerned we are about it!

Anyone want to come visit me?

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  1. You know, one night I heard what I thought was a gunshot and then there were a whole lot of other 'cracks" really close together so I dismissed it as fireworks. Now I am not so sure!

  2. Yikes, stay safe girl. I had no idea cities were that unsafe. I'll take my desert any day. Some times we forget to lock the doors and other times we leave the garage door open…now that is the worst as we could have rattlesnakes or other dangerous critters in there. I think I'd rather have rattlesnakes than gun carrying humans running around.

  3. I'm in the desert, too, and it's the cougars that tend to bug me a bit 🙂 Things have built up since we first moved here and we've exchanged cougars for gang bangers and traffic. Our neighborhood has taken a sudden turn, too. I think the housing crisis has a lot to do with it. There are too many dark and empty homes around here now. It won't take the vandals long to move in.Take care of yourself and be safe.

  4. Well, living in Australia guns are not something that we normally have to worry about. We do have guns but it is strictly controlled. Most homes and individuals go throughout their entire lives without having contact with them. People living in rural areas have them for killing snakes etc but gun violence is relatively minor. I can't really understand the argument for guns – why have them? From what everyone says I can't see how they help society – its not like the British are about to invade anymore! I know that it is like a Pandora's box as guns are out there, but maybe trying a buy back sytem like Australia did might help eliminate some.

  5. This could start me off on a tangent that would make people hate me. But you know what? I don't care. Handguns are manufactured for ONE purpose. To kill humans. Our gun control laws are weak at best. When the constitution was written with the "right to bear arms" we lived in the days of the "WILD WEST", When you didn't have much choice but to have a shotgun to defend your home. I detest guns. Milwaukee has one of the highest murder rates in the country. Just last week a little girl was shot in the leg while IN her car with her parents, by a drive by shooting. If someone says to me "guns don't kill people, people with guns kill" one more time, I am going to kick them in the shin. Out here in the country, we have to worry about our homes being hit by stray gunfire. Hunters. During season, I have to be so careful with my puppies, god forbid if they were mistaken for a rabbit or something. Back in PA, there was more than one occasion where an innocent person would be shot mistaken for a deer. give me a break. Game tastes nasty at best. I don't see the point. We need stricter gun control laws. Today would not be too soon for me.

  6. I would visit you.
    One cannot live in fear.
    That said, you live in a very violent area of the country. Very ironic, given it's the nation's capital. I live outside a large city as well with five women in a ladies clothes store gunned down over the weekend. It's very upsetting–thinking of families.
    I very much agree with Karen in re: handguns.

  7. LOL! That is like the country town I grew up in – or where my parents live now – minus the rattle snakes of course, but then Australia has enough of its own deadly snakes.

  8. I often mention the buy-back we had in Australia but people here are really not willing to give up their guns. Here is DC it is illegal to have a hand gun but you can have a shot gun as long as it is unassembled and locked up. What could you possibly need a shotgun for in a metro area??? !!!!!

  9. I agree but unfortunately there is no politician willing to really take it on. The gun lobby is very strong. (and wealthy). It is really sad when you hear the stories of innocent bystanders being shot in drive-bys – it happens way too often.

  10. Thank you Caprica. I heard that story – the Lane Bryant robbery?? How terrible. Why did the women have to be shot? Couldn't they just have been locked up while the store was robbed. A truly horrific crime and unbelievably sad for their families.

  11. Yes, the Lane Bryant murders. I'm guessing he killed them because they were witnesses. The town it occurred in hadn't had a murder in nearly a decade. One shred of good news about this story, however. There was a sixth woman who was only grazed by a bullet–she played dead and survived. The police have a good description so perhaps the families will see him brought to justice and the townspeople can stop fearing a murderer is on the loose nearby.

  12. Hearing gun shots doesn't bother me, its the gun shot you don't hear that kills you. I mean, it helps to put things in perpective doesn't it? Especially when it seems a person is unable to do anything about it? (imho) 🙂

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