Available light

It is so nice now that we are getting a few more minutes of daylight each day.  It means that it is not quite so dark when I get off the train at night.

Right at my metro station there is a building site and last night when I got out of the station there was something magical about the dark crane against the twilight clouds.

Then I was struck by how cool the pedestrian crossing lines looked at the intersection I have to cross:

By the time I crossed the road the twilight sky was gone!!


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9 responses

  1. Thankyou – yes I think it is called enchanted. In reality the sky was a shiny shade of blue and the black of the crane with the red traffic light seemed more in contrast.

  2. Great photos, now I feel like you are taking my class…..available light and I like the strong use of lines in both photos. Second photo has great diagonal lines. Thanks for sharing what you see in the twight on your way home..great post!!!

  3. Thanks! I am carefully following your lessons and the comments and suggestions people are making to you. Looking forward to learning more vicariously through you! 😉

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