I am at work, things are busy and I have no time for self pity today.  But I do have time to look at photos so please indulge me for one more day ……


This was taken about 17 years ago!  Thank goodness the boys' heads grew into their ears!  And, it is sad to think I paid someone to cut their hair like this!!














This is Princess SJ with my grandmother, Nan, a grand old lady who lived to be 99 years old.













Although Australia does not celebrate Halloween a friend of ours had a Halloween party.  I'm pretty sure my three won the best costume   – I actually sewed these myself!    (circa 13/14 years ago)












Posing  ..  family holiday at Noosa Head, Queensland.

(circa 14 years ago)














Circa 14/15 years ago.  I obviously kept a bleach company in business!! 

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  1. Wonderful photos! Very open in their facial expressions, clear bright eyes, smiling happily, a wonderful reflection of nuturing love. Thank you for sharing these memories with each and all of us. 🙂

  2. You have some great pictures. I went to Christmas before last and put together a photo book that reviewed my three sons growing up. I gave them each one. They didn't say much, but I saw their smiles as they looked at the pictures I had chosen. I had a ball doing it, but I am not into scrap booking. This was easier. Have you ever done something like that? Your pictures are wonderful. They look like some happy kids.

  3. Thankyou Ladeewolf. What a wonderful gift – my sister is the scrapbook queen! but your idea appeals to me. I don't think we are ever too old to enjoy looking at how we were. I made albums for each child with school photos, ribbons (athletics) and lots of photos of their activities – sadly these stopped when I came to the States. They have these albums and I know that they get a lot of enjoyment from occasionally looking at them. They also love to hear stories of what they were like as little kids.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing these photographs with us Emmy! :))Do you cry when you look at them? I have such a hard time mentally compartmentalizing then, as it relates to now, when I reminisce over my kids childhood pictures. I miss the little people, and those days…but I cherish both of them as grownups.

  5. I try not to look at their "little people" photos when I am feeling sad because it does cause tears. When I am happy I like to look at them and remember what little mischief makers they were…. What I REALLY need to do is go back through all my "paper" photos and write on them who and what they are. I am saving for a scanner and once I have that I will have to make digital files of them all.

  6. thats such a great idea Emmy, then each of your kids will be able to have copies, much cheaper than paper copying too I'd reckon. I think I'm going to have to have another talk with my ex about the slides. soon. he's a good guy though, I'm sure he'll make sure I get them, at least temporarily.byeeeeeee…i'm really leaving now…its getting DARK out!

  7. You have a great bunch of kids. Aren't you glad that you took time to document those moments in your lives?
    I need to do the scan and digitize thing with my first son's photos especially!
    And photo experts say to do as you plan–put all the info on the photo or file–including first and last names(!)
    These are such big projects. I've started a website devoted to just our/ the extended family's summers at our cottages. The pics go back 60 years. I really need to be in the mood to work on it, but it is a labour of love.
    You really have some great photos, Emjay. Thank you for generously sharing them. 🙂

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