Princess SJ goes home….

It was a sad day yesterday as the holiday was over and Princess SJ had to go home. 

When she came to holiday with us at the beginning of December we did not tell her we had moved.  That sounds mean LOL ….  but actually the Astro-dweeb met her in San Francisco and flew across country with her.

We had only told my parents and sister about the new house due to some "issues" with an ex-husband.  Anyway,  when the taxi pulled up in front of the row houses she was mighty confused.  I had worried that she might start thinking her step-father had kidnapped her and ask the driver for help! This would have presented a funny situation but I think after 30 hours of travelling she was really only concerned with finding somewhere to sleep.

I had a wonderful holiday with her and last night the house felt incredibly empty – it was a tough night for me.

Princess SJ is on her way back to her brothers and I'm sure they will be pleased to have her back.

They are three really "kool kids" …………    The Locksmith,  The Economist and The Student

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  1. How wonderful that you had her under your roof for two months!!! So hard to trap adult children for some quality time isn't it? j/k about the trapped part, but sometimes it really feels like i have to "bait" mine. I am so sorry for the heaviness you feel in your heart right now. All I can say is I understand and I am here if you need me. (((((((hugs))))))karen

  2. Thank you Karen. Today I just feel a bit "empty" – I am doing household
    things which don't require much thought. It is still another 4.5 hours
    before she lands poor thing. She sent me texts in the middle of the
    night from LAX saying that United was asking for volunteers to give up
    their seats on the flight. She said she was not going to volunteer
    because "I just want to get this over with".

  3. How wonderful!!!! My parents are not well enough to travel so I have to go to them (which has the added advantage of me going home). I look forward to reading of the plans and their visit.

  4. Sad definitely! Even though she spent a lot of time either in bed until lunch time or on the couch she seemed to fill out the house. It is very quiet and sadly deserted today.

  5. I can't imagine spending over a week with my mother. We obviously still have many issues. I love her, but she can still be such a critical control freak. I have to remember all my therapy not to revert back to an insecure 12 year old when ever I am around her for more than just a few days. I was able to spend 10 days with Pax & Stina in December. I had a ball. I always enjoy them so much, but I think Pax was ready for me to go back to Misery. I am glad you had a great visit with her and hope your heart is lifted soon.

  6. My heart goes out to you. That empty spot can be like an echo chamber, can't it? The worst day of my life was turning to look out the back of the taxi in Vienna, and seeing my daughter surrounded by her new "family," the shortest of whom were 6' (those were the women!) as my husband and I were being driven off in the opposite direction. She seemed so tiny in the midst of them, and I felt so lonely knowing I would soon be flying 18,000 miles away from her, back to a house and a city where we didn't have a single surviving relative. The visits home were just long enough to remember what it was like being near her before she left again. I hope you have a lot of things to fill your days until life folds back in around that empty spot.{{{{{hugs}}}}}

  7. I am just like that with my father! I am 50 years old and he is crippled and feeble from a stroke but he still makes me feel like a little girl! (how pathetic is that?). When I go to visit themI stay in a hotel so there is breathing space.
    I think in a couple more years my kids will only be able to take me in smaller doses!! šŸ™‚

  8. Thank you – I smiled at the image of those short 6' women!! We have email and text messages to fill some of the void – it must have been terribly lonely before these enabled, almost instant, communication for relatively low cost.

  9. Thanks Nora. He works in Sydney (Australia) – he takes turns at doing "on-call" for all those people who lock themselves out of their cars and houses after a night out! šŸ™‚

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