Myall River

I am going to take you a little north of Sydney today…..

About 2.5 hours drive north of Sydney my parents live in a retirement village  – though it is not called that.   It is called a Lifestyle Resort.   It IS a retirement village though  - a lot of oldies living in manicured streets in little brick-veneer houses which are reverse images of each other, painted in "natural" colours with small regulated front gardens. 

But the little town is on the Myall River which is peaceful …….




One really nice aspect of the "Lifestyle Resort"  is the community club house.  It is semi-surrounded by a fake lagoon which makes for a pretty photo: (I have not retouched this photo even though it also looks a bit fake!)



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  1. Beautiful. Is the water really so clear? The birds really so tame, they pose? The boats so beautiful they beckon one to explore? I sense a longing…Beautiful pictures Emjay! A rememberance of things past…

  2. Thank you for a little taste of Oz Em. Is the Myall River fresh or salt water? Do crocs live in there? Just looking at the pictures of the docks make me want to jump in! There is a place in florida called the villages that this reminds me of. I keep telling Michael I want to live there when we are retire. It is totally self contained, you drive your golf cart to the grocery store, golf, movies, everything is RIGHT there…you are with other people your age, sounds like a resort really. Here's a sigh to getting old.

  3. The river is 25km long from ocean to Myall Lakes – there are 4 lakes and the last one is freshwater. The 2nd & 3rd lakes are a mix of salt and fresh depending on rainfall. No crocodiles but there could be the odd shark I suppose – though I have never seen one there. There are beautiful pelicans nesting (but I couldn't find my photo of them in the time I had). My father has one of those 3-wheel scooters with a trolley on it and he rides/drives that to the shops and before he became too frail he rode to the river. My mother drives a car – actually I don't ever imagine my mother on a scooter!! 😉

  4. This is the kind of place one hopes to spend their twilight years in.
    Beautiful, beautiful pictures as always and I too am getting dissatisfied with my current surroundings (it's the dead of winter here). :p
    Lovely shots–a day brightener, thank you!

  5. Thank you. It is a much nicer area than where we lived when I was growing up – it was called the Central West of NSW (the state of New South Wales) and I remember that it always seemed to be drought stricken. My parents moved closer to the coast after I had left home……. 😦

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