Change in location..

Today we are going to Australia  – at least my photos are!

Last year I went home for my birthday – a major milestone birthday – and my "bestest friend in the whole wide world" took me out to an over the top lunch.  Penny & I started Kindergarten together many, many years ago and have remained best friends through many phases and seperations in our lives.  She has been a teacher since graduating and is now trying to instill the love of books into children in outback Australia.

Anyway, she chose Bondi Icebergs Restaurant for the occasion and what a fabulous choice it was.  I was somewhat aghast at the prices on the menu and tried to keep that in mind when ordering but I could not resist the Australian lamb – even though it was a ridiculous $49 !!!!!!    

Their location overlooks Bondi Beach – million dollar views:


Another spot that I enjoy when I go home is Darling Harbour.  I just like the ambience of the place even though it is touristy.   It does have some fabulous restaurants though – including the Lindt Cafe (yes, as of Lindt chocolate!!) I did actually take this photo but for some reason it has become bordered by white and looks a bit like a photo of a painting!   I didn't notice this when I opened the file so I'm not sure why it is like this here: (I wonder if I "posterised" it last year and have forgotten!).

Both these photos were taken in July – which is winter in Oz – note the contrast between the glorious sky & blue water of the beach which is definitely summer-looking and the wintry mix sky & water of the harbour! 


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  1. Don't you love the coast. When I was in the Army I was stationed in Oklahoma and I was shocked when I met the first person who had never been to the ocean? Growing up on the West Coast, I couldn't do with out it.

  2. Having been to Sydney and Melbourne, especially Bondi Beach and Darling Harbour, the pics bring back awesome memories. Did you get to do the Bridge Climb? One of the most amazing things I've ever done.

  3. I think I am the only Australian who can't swim!!! But yes, it is always amusing to find people older than 15 who have never been to the beach! I grew up a LONG way from a beach but we holidayed at Sydney beaches every year.

  4. I have never done the Bridge Climb. I always recommend it for visitors but I am not good on ladders myself. I hope you got a calm day. I have seen photos from friends who did it on a wet day and that is totally unappealing!

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