Girl’s day out

Princess SJ and I had a girl's day out today  – Princess is only here for another 4 days, during which I have to work, so we made the most of today.

We went to a 10.30am session of "Juno" even though that meant leaving the house before the mercury had risen to anything I can understand.  We then had a really nice lunch before hitting the shops for an afternoon of splurging on my already sick credit card – which is now critically ill and about to be placed in intensive care! 

It was unpleasantly cold outside today  – the sort of cold that freezes tear tracks to your cheeks and makes your ears sting.  The sort of cold that gives almost instant frostbite to exposed skin.

The sort of cold that makes me wish I lived somewhere  else  – like Hawaii where even winters are warm!   It was only December 2005 when that's where we were.

This is a photo of the island of Kauai as we flew over – lovely warm tropical paradise.

Sunset on Waikiki Beach:

Ah -  I feel warmer already!

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  1. Those are some really nice photos of Hawaii! It's been cold here, too. My husband forgot to turn off the sprinklers the other night, and I woke up to crackling grass and a mini ice rink on my patio. I saw a shiny, smooth black stone in the grass and wondered how in the world it got there, bent over, grabbed it and pulled. It turned out to be frozen dog diarrhea, but not frozen enough!!! Once the covering of ice broke….never mind. You don't want to know :-)Hope you had a good time shopping.

  2. Gorgeous pictures, both of them.We went to see Juno Friday night and the line was snaking right outside the theatre. It was so bitterly cold we decided to forget the movie and return home to netflix and hot chocolate. How did you like Juno?

  3. Thank you – they were the only 2 I could find in a hurry! I have a DVD somewhere of the trip … I will have to find them. I am getting sick of this cold weather!

  4. I've been dreaming of warmer climes too. It's unseasonally warm here at the moment (8degrees at 9am today), unfortunately, that means more rain to add to the already bursting water table!

  5. It's been pretty warm for the time of year – we're more used to 1 or 2 degrees in January. Having said that, the wind is bitter this morning, but the sun is still shining. I can deal with the cold if it's still sunny.

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