Belated Gift

My sister sent me a Christmas present which arrived at work today.  It is a fabulous tile which she has made.

But I'm sure she had a big laugh as she did it, because she is not in the photo of children with bad haircuts and sticking out ears!!!

I scanned this at work on a document scanner – the colours are more vivid on the actual tileI am on the right with my brother and another sister.


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11 responses

  1. It is a 6 x 6 ceramic tile. I have just hung it up on a mustard coloured wall near my computer and it looks fabulous. Thank God my hair got thick enough to cover my ears!! (oh and my teeth grew out straight too).

  2. She is very clever – a couple of Christmas's she made me a little plastic book of photos from our parent's wedding, grandparents wedding anniversary and our childhood. I love things like that.BTW – I didn't answer your question about Juno – I thought it was really, really good. Everything about it – the story, the acting, the soundtrack. It helps to go during the senior citizen hours – cheaper and less crowded 🙂

  3. I love such gifts, much more delightful. You and your sister have given me a great idea for the next time I go gift hunting.As for Juno, I absolutely decline to step out of the warm comfort of my apartment now that the temperature has dropped further. Its all Netflix and popcorn on the sofa.

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