First there was snow; then there was sleet

It DID snow!  Only a couple of inches which then got washed away by sleet, but it was snow.  Of course, by the time I got home from work it was ice!

And iced nearly solid onto my path and footpath.  Out I went with my funny little garden shovel;  after about 10 minutes one of my neighbours came across with his big sturdy snow shovel and offered to help me.  I must have looked like the pathetic blonde female out there with my little shovel and still dressed in my work skirt!   Anyway, I politely declined his kind offer  and continued wielding my shovel across the cement making a hideous noise as I moved ice, and what was left of the snow, to the side. 

I dragged the bag of rock solid salt out and bashed it with the shovel until I had broken up enough to sprinkle around the path and the public footpath. No snow expected tomorrow but maybe flurries and ice again on Saturday! 

Here are some photos which Princess SJ took around the house – she said it was too cold to venture far!

Princess SJ's artistic shot – distorted through our glass front door:

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  1. I just put a couple more photos up that I took around my office – it all looked so pretty – but only for a few hours. Once the sleet started it just got messy and ugly.

  2. LOL!! It doesn't happen very often which is what makes it more exciting I suppose. Princess SJ had never seen snow until yesterday so she was over the top excited!!

  3. Thank you! That would have been me if I had been at home. I have this romantic notion of sitting in a window seat sipping hot chocolate, with a fireplace set behind me, watching those flakes drift down. I just put a couple more photos up.

  4. Oh my! The first time ever seeing snow! She must have been beside herself!
    I love the beauty of fresh-fallen snow.
    But as you note, in your area it's quick to melt and turn ugly-slushy. In our area it's (usually) not quick to melt and hangs around getting dirty due to the cars. It loses it's prettiness fast!
    Glad you guys had fun!

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