A couple more……

This was taken from one of our office windows:


My office block:

Just like the mail, the coke must be delivered no matter what the weather:

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  1. I love seeing pictures of snow but it is always prettier to look at than deal with. I am curious why did you turn down the kind offer of help from your neighbor? I would suspect you also would offer to help someone else? Oh well, stay warm are btw where are you in these United States. Just curious it looks a little like Boston.

  2. I agree that the photos of snow are prettier than the harsh reality of dealing with it! I think I refused the help as I didn't want to appear the helpless female. Plus this was the first time I have ever had to shovel snow, so it seemed a bit pathetic to hand the chore over so willlingly. After 10 minutes with my little shovel I was regretting this pride though πŸ™‚ I am in Washington DC.

  3. I liked your pictures. But I hope that white stuff doesn't come here. Speaking of which, how come no one jumped a comment on the coke truck in the white stuff? Ha ha ! Your pictures are really pretty! πŸ™‚ !

  4. Yeah – snow doesn't look right in the desert. When I went to the Grand Canyon it was a December and there was snow and I was surprised to see it (remember I'm Australian…) . Also saw the Giant Meteor Crater covered in snow and remember thinking that it didn't look right! When I commented that I was surprised I was told it was "high desert" ………… <smile>

  5. Yes I agree – I prefer sunshine. Snow, when it happens here, is still a bit of a novelty to me. I am not one to seek it out – I would rather water ski than attempt snow skiing.

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