Thief in the Night

If only the person who had stolen the pillows from my front porch had done the same:

I have "stolen" this from the Prince of Petworth website

Hi PoP,

I have a funny story to share. I live in a row house in northern Columbia Heights. Today as I was coming home, I noticed a package on my doorstep, the usual place for UPS or the mail delivery people to leave packages. It was a standard 10″ x 14″ padded manila envelope, the kind with a red pull tab for ease of opening. When I picked it up, I noticed that the tab had already been pulled & the package was wide open. Upon further inspection, it was a pair of books I had ordered, entitled “Thief in the Night.” The package was correctly addressed to my name and street address. Someone had opened my mail! I can just picture a would-be thief opening the package, seeing the book title, thinking it was a sign from God, returning the package to my doorstep, and proceeding directly to the nearest confessional, swearing to never steal again!

–Gurlnexdore in CH



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5 responses

  1. LMAO! That's hilarious! I despise thieves. I think someone stole a package off my porch a couple of weeks ago. It was a DVD I had ordered from Amazon. Somehow I accidentally ordered 2 of them so I printed out all the stuff to return one of them. I packed it back up in the original box as instructed and taped the mailing label on top of the old one. It was too big to fit in my mailbox and since I was home that day I just sat it below the mailbox for the mailman to pick up. A bit later I went outside, my mail was in so I assumed the postman got the package but it's two weeks now and Amazon still hasn't received it. Stupid thieves! I hope they enjoy their copy of Mary-Kate and Ashley's 'Getting There'!

  2. LOL – "Getting There!"
    When my pillows went missing I consoled myself by thinking how disappointed the thief would be when he opened the box and found boring pillows. But then someone told me about people who spend their days going around taking things off porches to sell at weekend markets. Then I just felt really pissed off!!

  3. Yeah – FedEx left the box of 2 King size pillows on my doorstep where it would have been really obvious. I blame them almost as much as the thief – our neighbourhood is not that good.

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