Snow is coming…..

Snow is coming, snow is coming.    So what if they have already forecast snow three times and have a successful forecasting rate of zero % ..  

I just know that we are not only going to get snow;  we are also going to get ice!

I know this because the astro-dweeb left today to go and observe at Las Campanas in Chile leaving Princess SJ and I to fend for ourselves.
It is also a definite because we don’t have a snow shovel  – we did try to buy a snow shovel the first two snow forecasts but our soviet Safeway had sold out both times and then we just got blasé. 

My funny little garden shovel will have to do.  We have a city ordinance, which says you have to clear the public footpath in front of your property within 8 daylight hours of a storm.  

This law has probably never been enforced – until I don’t shovel!

We have a bag of salt under the back deck – exposed to the elements it has become a rock of salt.  I am not sure how effective a 10lb lump of salt would be on my path.  If only I could find the hammer.

Let it snow!!


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11 responses

  1. I lurve snow, and can't help jumping with joy when it snows..until I go outside and have to wipe it off the car with my barenaked hands. Even if I use the scraper I always forget the side window and then I get snow in the car and then my window gets stuck and I have to open the door and lean out dangerously to use my access card…But it looks so pretty.

  2. I just love snow too Hon and get really excited when it starts – checking the snowfall nearly every minute. It's cold, dark and sleeting here, very drab indeed.
    Please DO share your snow with us when you get some.

  3. We're supposed to get 3-6 inches today. I love the snow too and think it's beautiful but I'm with purplesque, cleaning off the car is not one of my favorite things to do. I'd rather shovel my walk with a "funny little garden shovel." 🙂

  4. LOL! We once had a rental car from LA in Flagstaff when they got 9" of snow. A rental car from sunny LA does not come with a snow scraper. The poor astro-dweeb was out there with a knife from the hotel room trying to scrape all the glass! It was really funny from my view (from the warmth of the room of course!).

  5. LOL! Careful you don't wet yourself with the excitement – Rosie did that once when she was little and didn't want to stop watching the snow for long enough to go to the loo!

  6. LOL! I will have to watch out for that! It really is snowing! I don't have a window here at work so I have to keep jumping up and running to a window to see it. This makes me look even more like an excitable child!!

  7. I can just imagine you now, racing to the window LOL
    I have 3 windows, they face in different directions so I get a good look at the weather.. don't get much work done though 🙄
    See if you can take some pics for us 😀

  8. I really enjoyed watching it fall – huge juicey flakes. But then it turned to sleet which destroyed the pretty picture of snow on the trees – and probably means a treacherous walk to the railway. I am going to be searching in the dark for the damn hammer!

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