A visit to the Monuments

Yesterday we went down to the National Mall to re-acquaint Princess SJ with the monuments. 

The US Capitol is such an imposing building – the size always surprises me.

The distance from the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial is 2 miles  – this is the furthest Princess SJ has walked since being here!   You have to walk past the Washington Monument first …..  though this photo is actually taken from the Lincoln Memorial looking back to the Capitol as I don't seem to have taken a photo from the beginning of our "trek".

Then there is the WW2 Memorial which most people think took too long in coming.  I find this a very tranquil and pleasant memorial.

This is from one of the reliefs around the memorial – my favourite as it celebrates the end of the war.

At last we are at the Lincoln  – "we don't have to climb the steps do we"  she asks…..

"What do you mean we have to walk all the way back there?" ……………………….

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  1. Nice shots of some of DC's finest attractions – I, too, love the detail in the relief probably missed by most visitors. Thanks for showing it. As to Princess's attitude towards self-propulsion, there's that variation on "use it or lose it…." you have to keep movin' to keep movin'. — JamesG

  2. I'm totally infatuated with all the memorials in D.C.
    The various reliefs are some of my faves, too. And unsurprisingly Lincoln blows me away every time.I love that area under the Lincoln monument that people seem to wander in searching for the loo and find (besides the bathroom) much more historial stuff with lots of great media! Thanks for sharing. You must live not too far from my parents as they are 45 minutes out of D.C. (Frederick, MD)

  3. Thank you. Re movin' – so true!! By the end of the day we had walked in excess of 5 miles and she commented that her legs "felt like jelly" ! All that couch lying has led to atrophy.

  4. I think my favourite memorial is the Jefferson – but then it has the unfair advantage of being on the Tidal Basin and surrounded by those cherry blossoms!!I actually live right in DC. (and like all good citizens of any place I only go to see the tourist spots when someone comes to visit). I have not been to Frederick but I see it on my weather map!

  5. Those are fabulous photos! It's a powerful city, yet so silent. I spent four days there a couple of years ago, and my feet still hurt. LOL But the worst was getting stuck on the metro at rush hour and having no idea where I was or how to get back to my hotel. I'll take walking over that any day! Although I do feel I have a deeper and more profound emotional connection with sardines in a can:-)

  6. I'm really interested to go and see the World War II memorial sometime. I have done some writing about memorials, and particualry the Vietnam memorial, in my thesis, and I did a bit of reading about the World War II one from a comparative point of view. It is interesting because it is a more traditional memorial than the Vietnam one. Anyway, last time I was in washington it hadn't been built – World War II that is – so it is something to look forward to.

  7. Thank you. I find it a city of many contradictions. It is interesting to live here and not to be part of the government (in any way!!). LOL – the metro – I am one of those sardines!

  8. I put a couple more photos up tonight. My husband and I were just talking about the WW2 vs Vietnam designs last night! I think it is more traditional because it is representing a more traditional time. I tried to describe all the country towns in Australia with cenotaphs! I hope you get back to see the WW2 – though we are just about to start on the MLK Memorial so maybe you should wait a couple of years and catch them both.

  9. Thank you. I put a couple more up tonight.I have lived right in the centre of DC for just on 8 years now and I work in Virginia so I metro underground every day. I tend to forget how impressive they all are until I have a visitor to show.

  10. Don't you just love all the monuments to freedom…..and the snipers on the roof of the White House? It was surreal visiting the Viet Nam memorials and knowing that we hadn't learned a single thing from all those lives lost.

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