Things are desperate when you can’t open the wine!

A couple of months ago I had come to work and told someone that I was nearly in tears because I could not get the screw top lid on my wine bottle undone. 

The image of me in the kitchen grasping the bottle at all angles, even between my knees so I could use both hands,  trying hot water, trying cold water, and finally using a knife to saw through the thread was truly pathetic!!   She felt such sympathy (or maybe it was empathy?) that the next day she brought in a snazzy little mat thing to assist me in my alcoholic pursuit.

It has been going really well but the "teeth" on the lids is eating through my pad.   There might be more tears soon!


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  1. I am surprised at how tenaciously the two parts of these lids hold together. I have had a lot of screw-top Australian & New Zealand wines but these are the toughest. Pliers might be a good idea.

  2. you feel a bit desparate don't you. I have that problem with the vodka bottle and because I keep it in the fridge in the laundry, sometimes one of the kids walk out and find me wrestling with the bottle and it looks as if I'm hiding out there drinking. Or trying to. I'm thinking that when I grow truly feeble I'll never eat old el paso salsa again either. Impossible to open,

  3. I agree..there's nothing more hateful than struggling with the bottle cap at a crucial moment, though in my case its usually jars of pickles and sauces. You might want to try this.We bought a mesh mat at Walmart in the auto section, I think..indestructible. Came in a set of two.

  4. Honestly you would not believe how tough these particular lids are. I am a pretty big strong "girl" but these make me feel feeble. I am down to my last 2 bottles of this wine though …… desperate times are nearly over!

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