Work is in the way!


I hate it when work gets in the way of blogging (and reading, and sleeping……) 

Here is a photo I took at the zoo the other day.  It is a portrait of Princess SJ – though she might not think it so flattering.



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  1. Things could be worse. My daughter wanted me to take a photo of an eel at the Chicago aquarium, and all I had was my point & shoot with me. Those have a digital delay so you don't always get what you've framed. I ended up with a really nice 8MP photo of an eel's butt with my daughter's face in the middle. She made me destroy the file :-)Your daughter is lovely, even with a lizard up her nose.

  2. LOL about your photo. I love my point & shoot and although it was pretty good I got some funny photos of animal's bottoms as they moved out of screen. Not THAT would have really upset my daughter to be framed with a bottom!!

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