Parsnip, Potato & Cheese

It all started when I saw a recipe which looked interesting on Claret's blog  Claret's recipe .   I was assured that the dish did not taste like parsnip so off I went to Safeway to buy some – only our "soviet" Safeway does not sell parsnip!

Strike One!

The astro-dweeb searched further afield for this elusive vegetable – must've been interesting as he didn't really know what it looked like.

Eventually, all the ingredients were gathered and ……   that's when I read the instructions and realised I needed a grater!  We didn't have a grater.  We don't have a food processor.  I contemplated using the vegetable peeler but discounted that pretty quickly when I imagined how long it would take to get the potatoes and turnip "shredded".

So Strike Two!

So everything was put aside for the day that we got a grater.  Now, I have an image of my mother's grater – it was a conical metal thing with different sized "holes" around it and that is what I described to my poor astro-dweeb as he went searching.   He stopped at two stores – one had the metal plate type of grater and the other store didn't have one at all.  So,  he didn't buy anything.

Strike Three!!

This is where I should have given up, but I'm no quitter……..

The next day we went to a Giant store a further walk from home, thinking surely this is something they would have – hey, I'd be really happy to have any sort of grater now.  But, this new supermarket didn't have any and neither did the CVS store.

By now the search for parsnip and the grater combined had taken more than 4 hours over 3 days!

I am about to give up on the whole idea of trying the recipe when a friend on her way to visit me sent a text asking "do you want me to bring anything"……   oh, "yes please – a grater".   Of course she thinks I'm nuts!

Next day I carefully convert the grams to ounces, and grate almost to my knuckles.  I add the one egg and think, mmm "I wonder if one is enough – I seem to have a lot of grated stuff to bind together"…..   I was never very good at maths so perhaps my conversions were a bit off.

I gallantly plowed ahead even when it was apparent that one egg was not enough and some force of nature or bad cooking was making my mixture cling tenaciously to the bottom of the frypan.  There was no way I could slip this out on to a plate, flip it over with finesse and get it back into the pan.

In the end it was a sort of stirred mish-mash which Claret would be ashamed of  – but the flavour was really great!!  Even Princess SJ enjoyed her vegetables!

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  1. You've had me in stitches reading this Emjay! You couldn't have made up a better comedy sketch LOL.
    Glad that it tasted good though, otherwise, I'd have felt responsible. Even my daughter eats her veggies in this recipe. I understand that you can hide veg in other ways, like courgette cookies! Honey roasted carrots and parsnips are just the best though.

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