The pillow weirdness

I got my replacement pillows last week.

I got the weirdest little package.  It was long enough but only about an inch thick.  My first thought was that I had made some hideous mistake when ordering;  my second thought was that the company had made a really annoying mistake.

The outside of the package said "contains two pillows"   – well, that's a good start.

When opened I found two pieces of foam shrink-wrapped and Princess SJ and I became hysterical with laughter.

These are not "pillows" !!!!!!!

I checked to see what the packing slip said and it stated that they were indeed pillows and that they are packed like this for easy shipping and that I should lie them out for 36-72 hours during which time they would grow to their full size.

This was the weirdest thing I have ever seen or read – but when I got them out of the shrink wrap they did indeed start to expand – and really quickly.

I was laughing so much that I did not think to grab the camera quickly enough to record the thinnest stage.   But here is Princess SJ holding them about 10 minutes after the unwrapping:

And here she is with them after another 20 minutes:

After 3 days there did not appear to be any further growth so they went on the bed.   They did not grow to the promised 5.5"  though!  My middle finger measures 3".

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  1. They are that NASA "memory foam" so they are supposed to remember…… I find it quite comfortable but I don't like it being that long – I like to put my hands under my pillow and if my head is in the middle of the pillow I can't reach!. The astro-dweeb doesn't like his. Today I ordered some feather down ones.

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