One chocolate down….

Wow!   Yes indeed  – those 3 letters, a palindrome, so aptly describe everything – the appearance, the taste and the whole idea of spending $60 on a box of chocolates  – total weight 7.25 oz   (206gm).   Eighteen chocolates  =   $3.33 per chocolate.  

To 8gurl:   No there was no layer underneath – what you see is what I got.

To SweetMisery & Purplesque:  When describing Emjay and chocolates self control and will-power are not descriptions one would bring to mind.   I’m not sure why these have lasted so long – probably the artistry of them  – they look too pretty to be edible as mentioned by Claret and Karen, F.G and Kletterman.  But now the appetite has been whetted …….. 

To cat:   That nibbling of corners is an important step in the process of eating a box of chocolates;  one has to determine which chocolate is the best and so to be kept and savoured last. Also, it is really important to suss out the ones that are going to be shared  (i.e., the ones I don’t like!).  What a horrible thought to get to the last couple of chocolates and find they have fillings one doesn’t like!!  Four will be shared – the coconut ones and the peanut butter ones  – luckily Princess SJ likes peanut butter and the astro-dweeb will enjoy the coconut ones.

To Rigger’N Quill:   Mmm – what a fabulous idea …  though I imagine licking my monitor might not be an entirely satisfactory  experience!   I might try cutting out the bottoms tonight …  ☺

To Scorpion1116:  The idea would be to savour them with some champagne drooling over the anticipated taste of the next one.
However the reality was:

I had spent a day sightseeing with an 18 yo whose happy face got lost a few times.

We had spent more than an hour extra in the car with “lost” time -  the astro-dweeb may be able to navigate the heavens but has problems on the highways.

I had an ache in my head just beginning to make its way into my consciousness.

I was dreading that a birthday dinner we were about to go to was going to be a long night.

So…   the rental car was parked at the curb and engine barely off before I was bounding to the front door with only one goal – to get to those chocolates!

I pulled the lid off and grabbed the strawberry rhubarb one …

Divine, delicious, decadent, delightful -   but all over in 2 seconds (maybe it was only 1 second).

Lid went back on – until the next crisis. .

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11 responses

  1. Ahhhh, strawberry rhubarb! Sounds yummy. I like the idea of a couple of chocolates with a nice hot, strong cup of black coffee, too. I'm glad you had a divine moment…even if it was just for a moment. 🙂

  2. Oh, how you make me laugh MJ!
    Betetr stick with sex Hon – it generally lasts longer… although you could combine the two…
    Have a happy new year; I have a stinking cold to usher it in with!

  3. Hi Anna – I would say that the Strawberry & Rhubarb and the Key Lime Pie ones were the nicest – especially with champagne. I did not like the pecan one and the chocolate cream pie one was a little rich. I knew I would not like the Peanut Butter one nor the Coconut Cream one but my "testers" tell me they were lovely. I also was not that taken with the Pumpkin Pie one actually – I pumpkin as a sweet might be an acquired from birth thing!

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