That Christmas Godiva


For those of you wondering about my Christmas Godiva …….

This is what my $60 box of Godiva looks like:





This is what it looks like inside….





A close up of the tops which are hand painted:



They are:

Apple crumb pie; Chocolate cream pie; Pumpkin pie; Pecan pie; Strawberry Rhubarb pie; Chocolate Peanut Butter pie; Key Lime pie and Coconut Cream pie.

It is now 3 days since I opened these and not one has been eaten!!!!   They just look too beautiful to eat.   I will have to check the use-by date to see how long I have to simply admire them.



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22 responses

  1. They are georgeous! Is there possibly another layer underneath there that you could swipe one from?
    I would have ate one as SOON as they were opened!
    The chocolate peanut butter pie looks yummy!

  2. When you eat them, will you pick a special occasion? Not like a holiday per se, but a special moment for which you feel a reward? Will you accompany them with a particular wine (I like chocolates and wine) to complete the experience? I know these are goofy questions, but this is the way my mind works. I would be savoring them – eating them would be "an event" all unto its own.

  3. You are the queen of self-control! I saw this earlier today, but couldn't log in at work to post a comment. They are absolutely gorgeous. I hope you enjoy they are as delicious as they look!

  4. I have had the strawberry rhubarb one. The inside was like a smooth velvet runny liqueur covered with a thin layer of chocolate and that hand painted top was sweetish but just added to the whole wonderful experience.

  5. Everything was so smooth – but it was over so quickly! I think I am going to have to try another one tonight! Maybe this time I will try licking off the top to see what it actually tastes like..

  6. The one I had was so good!! It was so good that I feel that I have to have had nothing else to eat before I can have another one. To eat one after dinner would seem like gluttony.

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