Mars in opposition

One of the joys (??) of being married to the astro-dweeb is that you get dragged out to look at astronomic events….

Until two months ago we lived in an apartment in an apartment-dense area and so, if we were going to look at anything in the sky we had to go out into the dark, and usually cold, night and walk to the nearest park in an effort to get a little less light pollution.

Now we live in a row house, still dense but not as dense and still polluted with light but not as bright but in an area bereft of parks!!

So, the other night when Mars was in opposition (IF I was listening correctly, this means you could draw a straight line from the Sun, through the Earth and into Mars) we were "forced" to observe, with only a few footsteps taken, from the relative warmth of our top deck.  Oh yes, glass of merlot in one hand, camera in the other what better way to observe the stars?

Anyway,   here is a photo taken of the Moon & Mars with earth represented by our neighbours' back yards. 





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  1. What a lovely sight. I had hoped to view it myself, but the clouds were in my way. One of the first two weekends in January I'm hoping to go with my husband up to his hunting lease (in the middle of dark nowhere) and get in some serious star gazing. I hope there aren't any clouds to block my view.

  2. Hubby is also an astronomer. I know how you feel about "living" in the dark. LOL We are fairly dark here. When hubby wants really dark nights, we go out to the desert. Cold, dark, but with hubby. Hopefully hubby will get some shots soon.

  3. I'm glad that we're not he only ones who do that – The Boy and I head off into the countryside (5 mins drive) to watch the sky – we've seen lots of shooting stars this year, and mars has been shining right down our street early in the evening. It won't be this bright again until 2016, so make the most of it.!

  4. Ha ha. I've just been told that if we "go outside with binoculars around 8 o'clock, we will see comets" tonight. The last time we had a comet shower I laid on a stone bench in the park and watched them shooting overhead – it was a really cool sight.

  5. Very nice image! I pointed out Mars to a co-worker as we were leaving the job after 9:00 last night (Wednesday). I said "it's that really bright reddish 'star' over there." She said, "I can't see any red in that … you have astronomer eyes!" I credit a life lived as a photographer for being able to see the subtle colors of celestial objects. Anyway, being dragged outdoors to see stellar beauty isn't the worst thing, is it? — JamesGPS — Before "AstroDweeb" gets on your case about it, it's not a "comet shower" but a meteor shower you enjoyed. (Possibly the spectacular Leonids of a few Novembers ago?) If we ever saw a comet shower, the end would surely be at hand and time to plug in your electric Buddha and Jesus pictures!

  6. I love how you are married to an "astro dweeb" but still get some teminology wrong. Too cute!
    We live in the very dense suburban Chicago area. The light pollution makes it so we see very little of the heavens unless it's a perfectly clear night.
    That is a great photograph!

  7. That is a very cool photograph. I must admit to being a little obsessed with astral events myself – we dragged the eldest of the small ones out to watch the lunar eclipse a month or two ago, an I remember going out in the middle of a very cold Canberra night to try and see leonid meteors some years ago!

  8. There is a comet visible in the sky now and that's about the right time to see it. It's in the constellation Perseus. I was able to see it from my own front yard. The view through my husband's new binoculars (boy, am I glad I bought him those for his birthday!) was spectacular. Hope you get to see it, too.

  9. We did not get to see it! 😦 It was raining and heavily overcast for a couple of days here. We will look out for the next "event" and hope for better weather. Actually, the astro-dweeb is off to Chile in another week or so to observe there. (he gets to play with the big telescopes).

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