Stolen pillows ..


Today I went online to check the status of the delivery of my two king sized pillows … (no-one mentioned that if you buy a king size bed you will need to upgrade the pillows because standard pillows look bloody ridiculous).

Anyway,  I found that Fed Ex delivered them to my doorstep on Thursday!!

So ,,,  imagine the disappointment the thief felt when they got my box home and opened it only to find pillows!!

Though, obviously they were not disappointed enough to return them!!

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8 responses

  1. They were probably taken by a little old lady who was starving, but who wanted to give something to the poor, but didn't have anything to give. The poor who received the pillows were so grateful that they in turn went out and stole something to give to others, all in the spirit of Christmas. There, now doesn't that make you feel much better. Oh well…And don't you wish you were in Oz. We're about to open our Christmas pressies. NOW!Merry Christmas.

  2. Someone recently told me that that is the definition of a transitional neighbourhood. Wealthier people move in, 'hoods have a better, richer source to steal from, they do better and are able to move up and out and so the neighbourhood transitions …….Aha – but your batteries are flat now and my toys are just being unwrapped.

  3. Oh no! What a bummer!
    How come they can leave stuff on the doorstep? They're not supposed to do that here, and I had a real humdinger when a courier left a 'sign for' parcel on my doorstep and it went missing.

  4. Reading about your stolen pillows just takes the wind out of my sails. I'm homeless, so I've had my sleeping bag stolen, my blankets stolen, tents and cardboard boxes ripped to pieces. And I haven't begun to list what the police have done. But I can't really relate to why anyone would steal pillows! Someone should notify the thieves guild! [seriously, i'm sorry…] đŸ™‚

  5. I guess what annoys me most is that someone felt they had the "right" to take something that wasn't theirs. This applies to new things, old things, things of value and things of no value other than sentimental – they belong to someone and no-one should feel they have the right to just take them or destroy them.
    I'm sorry you have had such miserable experiences.

  6. It's cool, Emjay. I have gotten used to the way people are. I am even comfortable with being homeless. Its nothing more than leaving out all the shoulds, coulds, and suppose to be's. It leaves one with a reality that's much easier to deal with…the way it is.

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