Drama over pizza

There was much drama at lunchtime today.

The pizza was on the table, the glasses filled with a good red wine when…

Princess SJ let out a distraught sound …   My God, is she choking?

Well …. She might have been, but not on the pizza!!

Princess SJ has a piercing between her upper lip and her nose, and today a part of it came out and is apparently lost – most liken eaten with a slice of pizza.

When she started digging around in her mouth I thought something had happened to the expensive braces, conjuring up thoughts of an expensive dental visit.

Actually perhaps the piercing piece is still caught up in the metal??

She is not impressed!

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4 responses

  1. Mmmm…. having 2 holes in each ear is enough piercing for me – they might get caught in clothes occasionally but the earrings are never likely to end up in my mouth! 🙂

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