Must shopping malls be so hot?

Princess SJ was up really early this morning – before going to bed last night I promised to take her to a shopping mall if she could get up before lunchtime!  

Shopping malls here are huge mini-cities in comparison to Sydney ones  – though Westfield’s started in Australia and I see more & more here.

A 20 minute train ride and we were there and ready to spend and spend big. But, it was SO hot in the centre and individual shops that I just could not browse comfortably.   Those shops lost dollars today because I could not stay anywhere long enough to even impulse buy!!

Except …  the Godiva store!  Ah!  bliss in more ways than one.  A comfortable shopping temperature, – I know it is to preserve the product, but I needed some of it for reviving me – and they have a great product.

When I got home with the bag carrying over $130 worth of chocolate I presented it to the astro-dweeb and said “these are for you to give me for Christmas”.  Well … I needed to spend that much to justify staying in the shop long enough to cool down! (The receipt was destroyed before the bag was handed over!!!!)

I can tolerate interminable carols if the volume is not overwhelming and actually I did not notice any today – but I can not stand to be too hot.

I realize why it is that I enjoy internet shopping so much – even if the UPS guy is sorry we ever moved into his run!

This is Princess SJ with our meagre shopping  (note the gold Godiva bag is hidden until I can get the evil receipt out!). 

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14 responses

  1. Wow! That must be some kick *ss chocolate! We have a Godiva but I've never been in there.
    I can't stand to be hot either…anywhere…I've never noticed our malls feeling unusually hot though, unless I'm running around in there with my heavy coat on, then I start to get a little overheated!

  2. Their chocolates are rich so you can make a box last a long time. Today they had huge fresh chocolate coated strawberries – they were $4+ each though. They also had some limited edition chocolates with hand painted tops in a keepable box – once I get these from under the tree I will photograph the tops – they were very impressive. I have to say that now I am home and thinking about it the thought that I spent that much money on chocolates is making me feel sick!

  3. I am convinced that the entire retail industry is conspiring to sweat us out of shopping at the holidays. I don't know why when they want us to be there son much. But the advantage – just like shoveling snow – is that with all the winter gear you're wearing, the stress and anxiety, and the rush to get in and out you can shed a good pound. 🙂

  4. I will have to check them out. I'm going to the mall where the Godiva is next weekend. I think I'll sashay in there and buy myself a little Christmas present 🙂
    My daughter and I made some chocolate covered strawberries this past weekend (and the weekend before) and they were decadently delicious! I'll bet Godiva's would take that rating right off the map!
    Enjoy your chocolates, you only live once!

  5. I totally agree with you on the temperature issue. You would
    think they would just want the atmosphere to be comfortable so shoppers would
    spend more time shopping? I went out and did some last minute shopping at Fry’s
    yesterday and you would think a big box store would be cooler due to the high
    ceilings but no, it felt more like 90 so I left.

  6. you actually made me feel better about buying a large cookie tray today for 65.00. its christmas right? enjoy your chocolate…did you get any pearls? the milk chocolate ones are yummmyyyyyy

  7. I spent so much money that they gave me a "gift" bag which has two things of pearls; one of the milk chocolate and one mint; as well as 3 bars – one white, one raspberry and one milk. I will put up a photo of the really expensive ones when I open them – unless they have melted into something ugly under the tree!! 🙂

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