Princess SJ

Princess SJ arrived the other night and the routine for the next 6 weeks is seemingly set:-  

Emerge from bed around 2pm asking “what’s for lunch?”.
Retire to the couch to watch really atrocious afternoon television (though some could be described as quite comedic!).
After dinner head off to the land of instant messaging, Facebook and MySpace.

Wish I was a teenager and had this kind of routine!

This is the first time my 18yo daughter has flown from Australia on her own and we were both a bit jittery so the astro-dweeb extended a meeting he had in San Francisco to meet her and escort her back to the East Coast.

Well…….  her plane landed an hour early and then she broke all records getting through Immigration & Customs to find that, of course,  he wasn’t there to meet her.  Princess SJ does not wear a watch (doesn’t like them) and so she was not aware that she was early. She got in a panic and left the designated meeting area; found a public phone and called me at work  – the first words I heard were:   “It’s me and I don’t know where I am”. ….    What do you mean you don’t know where you are?  Go back to the meeting place!   “I don’t know how to get back there”!

Her mobile wouldn’t work and the astro-dweeb does not have one –  double frustrating!!   Finding the number for the SF International Airport paging service, I organized to have the astro-dweeb paged to call me  – but he is really “sciencey” and moves through life thinking up codes to block out life’s noises.  I was not optimistic he would hear it.  

But …  all turned out well as Princess SJ found her way back to the meeting place & there he was, wondering why the hell she was coming from the opposite direction and not from the arrivals hall!

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  1. My husband is an astrophysicist and he refers to himself as a dweeb – hence astro-dweeb.Long story short… I am Australian divorced and remarried to the American astro-dweeb. My children stayed in Australia with their father but I am lucky enough to go home for a month every year and they come over here for 6 weeks at a time. Princess SJ is the youngest.

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