Packages, packages

Yesterday was a wonderful day!  Just about ALL of my packages arrived.  The astro-dweeb watched with growing horror as the UPS guy made FOUR trips with my loot!!

He has gone to his office today so I can try on skirts, tops, a dress and boots without anyone worrying about the state of the credit card!   I got new curtains for the sunroom and they look great and the king sheets & quilt are waiting for the new bed which should be delivered this afternoon.

Two boxes were delivered by the mail-lady last night  -  when I opened the door at 7pm I couldn't see anything as a  huge miner's light was shining in my face!  I cracked up laughing -  I live in the middle of the city – the last place you would expect to see this! 

With only a couple more things expected this afternoon, I am a happy internet shopper!

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2 responses

  1. Heee! I bet you're havin' a ball. I love to set up house…I'm a natural nest-maker. I also prefer internet shopping and hate wasting my free time at stores and malls. I do love thrift store shopping, though – it's like cheap therapy for me. Was everything the quality you expected when it arived?

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