Why is it that when…

Why is it that when you are waiting for something to be delivered it takes forever, but when you don't want anything to come you get multiples?

I did a lot of internet shopping on the weekend based on the sites saying it takes "1-2 days to process" and then ship.  So I assumed this would be fine and things would turn up on Thursday – my first day off.

Wrong!   All these retailers must have hired extra elves who are working themselves silly 24 hours.  Orders placed on Sunday were shipped on Monday!!!

Yesterday I came home to find a UPS sticker on my door.  Today I found a UPS (for 2 packages) a FedEx sticker AND a  post office notification.  After calling UPS to reschedule the delivery for tomorrow I looked closely at the FedEx slip to see what I had to do. 

That's when I noticed they had delivered it to "Other" and the scribble seemed to suggest it was hiding under my front azalea bushes!  The light does not shine into the bushes so there I was in the dark bashing around looking for a box thinking how much I looked like a burglar sussing out the window!  

Just as I had the thought that someone had stolen my box I found it – and it wasn't even an exciting package but rather a  cover for a new mattress we bought which is not due to be delivered for another week!!  

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  1. I hear ya! I've been getting some stuff I ordered on Saturday delivered on Monday. Freaked me out. Course the Blue pants I need for Luke for his School Christmas Program by next Wed. that I ordered over 2 weeks ago still haven't been shipped! 😦

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