The mouse saga

This is the "no view, no touch"  mousetrap.    No unpleasantness to the householder. 

Seriously though -  would any self respecting mouse enter this?  It just screams "TRAP".

Obviously our mouse figured out what the system was and refused to eat even though there was no other food available.

So other methods were deemed necessary and poison was purchased.   I am not a big poison person – I think it is a bit cruel – the old fashioned mousetrap was fast and efficient and the mouse died happily munching the bait (with pleasant thoughts of the generous householder providing its last meal).

The paper satchet of poison says that it kills mice that have become resistant to Warfarin poisons (basically super mice).  It comes in a paper packet which you just leave lying around without opening – because mice love to chew through wrapping.   The instructions say to leave it out for 6 days to ensure that the mice get a big enough dose to kill them.  They then go away and die with nasty thoughts of revenge!

So, a packet was placed near the oven and sure enough we soon heard the sound of rustling paper.  We did not disturb his dinner but later looked and saw that he had, indeed, eaten through the paper and into the stuff inside.

We have not seen him since but I don't really believe he is dead.   I think he is just waiting for me to get all those good chocolates back out of the microwave!

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10 responses

  1. We used the glue traps last year when the only mouse we've ever seen here showed up (on my birthday no less). It's a good thing it's the only one otherwise our house would be for sale! Good luck on your mouse hunting!

  2. I've never seen one like this either. We have a mouse in the house, but we also have 4 shih tzu's. I'm really reluctant to put anything down fear one of them will get their nosey little snouts snapped, or worse yet, ingest poison. Let me know if the can trap works!! Is it safe around pets?

  3. Yuk! Dead mouse smell is vile and seems to linger for ages. You can get some poisons that dehydrate the corpse (I know, too much information!) and stop it from smelling.
    It's worth leaving a baited trap down as you may well have more mice. The good news is that if you have mice, you're unlikely to have rats – the little ones usually leave when the big boys move onto the patch… some consolation, I know!

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