Well, you all know what…

I've been doing for the past couple of days!   Eating my way through a lot of chocolate!


I  also re-discovered the well known fact that although we think we will, we never do remember what that  unlabelled package in the freezer is!    I seem to have a lot of “what the hell is this”  stuff!  Of course I did not throw it away because I might remember what it is!


And I discovered that we have a house guest – a really blatant mouse!   I had left a packet of corn chips on the bench and when I went out to investigate the rustling noise I spied a mouse running away.   So … traps were purchased and placed strategically around the oven, the back of which seems to be home to the pest.


Our mouse does not like cheese apparently  – the traps are undisturbed – but last night I heard rustling again and when I turned the light on, the mouse was sitting there eating dried bananas!!  It looked at me nonchalantly, picked up another piece of dried banana and just trotted off steadily across the bench to the corner of the oven, where it turned its little rodent head to look at me again before disappearing!    I’m starting to have images of the Willard movie!!

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  1. Try baiting your traps with peanut butter. Mice usually take to it better than cheese and yours has demonstrated his sweet tooth. A little dried banana stuck in the PB will be a nice touch (we know he likes that!).Whatever you do—-save the chocolate!! 8:-)

  2. Thanks – we will try this tonight. I gave a lot of thought to keeping the chocolate safe! 🙂 I didn't want to put it in the fridge so it is now happily residing inside the microwave!!

  3. You know I think I was more worried about my chocolate! Imagine the damage that could have been done if it was a whole family! 🙂 Snakes are my fear but I don't think I am likely to find many of the slithering kind here.

  4. we found mice don't like cheese – they like cat biscuits. But they are clever and can get the cat biscuit off the trap without setting it off – thats why you stick the biscuit on with blu tak.

  5. Something else I read said to superglue the bait onto the trap! These are funny traps with a sort of sticky patch you pull off and put the bait on. There is peanut butter on the cheese tonight. This guy really likes plastic – certainly chewed through a lot of layers to get to the dried bananas!

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