Corporation mean-ness

We have a dual tuner TiVo  (a fabulous gadget) which requires 2 cable cards if you are going to have Comcast cable service.   By law Comcast has to provide these to make the TiVo work with their cable service but they don’t really want you to do this as they have their own recorders to rent you. 


We have had TiVo since their inception and have a lifelong subscription so we have no desire to get a monthly rental of a machine that doesn’t do as much.  So … Comcast deploy this method where they send a technician out with 2 cable cards and either one or none actually works.  After doing this a few times I bet a lot of customers just give up and go with the Comcast option. 


We are not one of those customers…….


Over 6 days we had 6 different technicians bring out a total of 12 cable cards before we got 2 which fully worked!!!!!  What amazes me is that they only allow the technicians to bring 2 cards at a time!   Can’t they be trusted not to sell them out of the back of their vans??   Or is it all a conspiracy to make you so frustrated you rent their system?


Then the blinds ……   ok, I am going to sound like a conspiracy theorist.

The blinds that the salesman said “any idiot” can install – even without a drill!    well, they were beyond the PhD of the astro-dweeb and his trusty screwdriver.  (the astro-dweeb may not be terribly "handy" but I am a farmgirl and farmgirls know how to do things!!).


The hardware they sent with them is pathetic and if you installed them their way they would splinter the wood and fall down!   Outside help was required ….   and a flexible drill.


I think Next Day Blinds make it so you get them to measure & install, and pay more, if you ever need more blinds.


Why do these places make it so hard?? 




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