Thursday, November 15, 2007 3:27:23 PM

It is so nice to be in a place with more than 3 rooms!   Small things like having control over a furnace are exciting!   Finding the cut-off valves for the outside pipes was challenging and figuring out what was wrong with the sensor lights resulted in a “help” call to the previous owner! 


Comcast!  Comcast!  What can I say?  We have been in the house for 8 days and for 7 of those we have had a technician from Comcast there trying to install cable cards so our TiVo’s would work and cable for television – this involved a visit from a Comcast Surveyor one day to determine how to get the cable to the lounge-room (ultimately across the roof).    Now we know why the seller had her impressive flat screen tv in the back room – that’s where the cable access point is.


We also discovered that the street light shines in the bedroom window and then bounces off the opposing mirrored wardrobes giving the room a bright ethereal glow all night!!   I think she must have slept with a mask on!!  


A trip to “Next Day”  Blinds  ….   proved that it is not really next day  – they ship next day.   The salesperson said “any idiot can install”  them ………   the astro-dweeb is going to test his physics PhD tonight!    They come with the hardware but no instructions – not even a little diagram thing – the only paper is something telling you not to let children either strangle or suffocate themselves with the blinds or plastic!


People keep asking me when the housewarming party is.   There is new, light coloured, carpet throughout so  the prerequisite for attending would be a bottle of grog and a can of Spot Shot!!  

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