My sister’s shoes

My sister has narrow feet, and, because there is a dearth of narrow footed women in Australia, manufacters & importers do not worry about them, and so the available choice is pretty pathetic.

Enter the Internet, a sister in the United States, the US Postal service and Australia Post!!

An email arrives telling me Item # ,  size and emphasizing “narrow” width.   I place the order using my credit card as they don’t take foreign cards; a day later the shoes turn up and I repackage them and trek to the post office. Package sent, receipt in hand I come home and use to work out what she owes me and send email requesting it.   She thinks that USPS is suddenly super efficient and the shoes will magically appear in her mailbox!   We all know better than that ….

The nearest post office is just over half an hours walk away through the neighborhood – we do not own a car and doing public transport in this direction would take longer.  Then there is the mandatory post office wait!   If it takes less than 20 minutes astro-dweeb says the post office has not met my constitutional right to wait half an hour in a queue!!

Her latest choice has arrived here.  Skinny …  and I am just so VERY tempted to put my totally normal feet inside them.

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