Happy Halloween

My first Halloween in America I raced out and bought loads of candy so that I would be ultra prepared for all the midget witches and goblins.   Imagine my dismay at discovering that the apartment management would not allow trick or treating in our building! 


The dismay was really for myself as I contemplated eating about 15 pounds of sweet stuff that I didn’t even like!!!!!!!  (Surely no-one buys the good stuff to give away?)


I lugged it to work on the train to put in a lolly jar.  And so began the introduction of a new word to my office  – lolly,  plural; lollies! 


Happy Halloween!! 

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5 responses

  1. there was a halloween riot here at surfers paradise. 150 teenagers trashed a school and cars – think 6 were arrested. No little trick or treaters turned up here

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