Closing Day & Cicadas

Today is closing day!!    In just a few hours we will have tied ourselves down to 30 years of debt.  This is the house I will die in – too hard to move again.   The house does have stairs though so when I am old and fragile and the hips don't work,  the astro-dweeb tells me he will move my bed into the loungeroom!

Aren't cicadas cool creatures?     I took these photos at our local arboretum.  What about the great evil red eyes?



Would you like to be able to shed a skin you don't like and leave it hanging there?






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2 responses

  1. cicadas drive me insane. I think I have a touch of tinitus and if I let their screeching get in my head I fell like I'm going mad. You know there's a beach at Pindimar where they are particularyly LOUD.

  2. Each species has a characteristic "song" and "sings" at different times of the day. I found this for your tinitus:
    Gene Kritsky has reported that in China, shed skins or actual nymphs from a different species of cicada nymphs (all of which which are silent) are collected and ground up. A tea made from these skins is given to noisy, crying babies (like noisy, adult cicadas), in hopes of quieting them. People think the baby will then be quiet like the cicada nymph rather than noisy like the adult cicada. Similarly, the shed skins are used to treat “ringing in the ears.”

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