The packing continues…..

The astro-dweeb has just got back from a week in Hawaii.   Although this sounds wonderful I know that he does not get to enjoy any of the activities we envision when we think of a trip to Hawaii.   That is unless you visualized sleeping all day and searching for extra-solar planets all night!!     I used to go with him before I had to get a “real” job (read; a paying one!) –  I definitely took advantage of the beaches and hikes and we just passed each other at breakfast and dinner. 


While he was gone I managed to sort through cupboards and fill 20 packing cases  – only 40 to go!!  This productivity means there are narrow alleyways to the important things like the bathroom and fridge, and a line of sight between the couch and the television/TiVo set up  – it is amazing how easily the remote control can be put off its job by a piece of errant cardboard!


Closing tomorrow!  Scary!!



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