The packing begins …..,

We have agreed to the seller staying an extra week in the house – so the settlement on Tuesday will be a little anti-climatic, but all the more time for us to get packed up.

The astro-dweeb said he would move our stuff  – afterall he had moved it in himself about 8 years ago.   He said that I should just go off to work on move day and return after work to the new house.  What a wonderful thought!

After thinking of the best way to say it, I “subtly” reminded him that he is now older and has 8 years more stuff, which includes a wife and her stuff -  and I don’t travel lightly!!

A compromise was reached – my contribution to the move would be paying for the moving company and he would move all his precious computers and electronics himself.

Being the organized sort, I wrote up a list of things we had in each room and emailed it off to 9 moving companies for quotes.

You should know that a moving quote is not the same as another moving quote.  I had to compile a spreadsheet so that I could really compare what these companies were and were not covering under their quote.   There were columns for fuel surcharge; travel time; disassembling and reassembling; wrapping materials free etc.   A second round of questions to the companies filled in the spaces and I finally had like to compare to like.

About the only thing they all had in common was the amount of time they thought it would take to move our stuff.  5 to 7 hours but their hourly rates ranged from $75 an hour to $190!!

Of course, it was then that I realized I had left a few things off my list – pretty obvious things too like that table shelf thingie I have the printer and scanner on, the chair under a mountain of clothes and the wine fridge!!   I could be forgiven for also forgetting that we have a whole heap of stuff under the bed and those bikes chained to the communal bike rack downstairs (come on, when was the last time I rode mine?)  but how could I have forgotten the wine fridge!!

Once the moving company was decided on it was time to get them out to look at our stuff to firm up the quote.   This guy called himself the “reality checker” !!!   He poked in cupboards & drawers and then spread his arms around and gave one of those sounds that you just know means more  $$$$$ !!

“ Well, I see you have written that you will have 30 boxes.  I think you will find you will have about 60!”     What??

He even measured out the feet from apartment door to elevator – luckily it’s pretty close – and then we had a trip down to the loading dock where more measurements were made between elevator and dock.    Then back up to the apartment for the re-assessment.  Luckily he had brought his laptop and snazzy little printer so he could work up and print out, an instant re-quote!  He happily took my deposit and left me to ponder …..

Where the hell are we going to put 60 filled boxes????

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