House buying

The astro-dweeb and I decided it was time to buy a house.   
This was prompted by an advertisement I saw for a First Homebuyers Workshop put on by a development company building a block of condominiums – and that seemed a good way to spend a Saturday morning!   I’m sure they hope you sign up to buy something off the plan right there but we are not spur of the moment people.   It has taken us 7 years to decide to buy!!

We took all the information away and applied for a loan  -  no use looking at houses until you know how much you have to spend we reasoned.  We may not be spur of the moment but we are not time wasters either.

Armed with a pre-approval letter we started investigating the city determining that the really nice areas were way out of our league,  the vaguely nice areas were just out of our grasp and the areas where we could afford a 5 bedroom house were not the areas we would want to live in.  

Finally finding a  couple of “transitional” neighborhoods with places in our price range we actually hit the Open Houses.   Now, we live in a one bedroom apartment so we actually do not have much furniture and here we were looking at row houses where we would not fit our furniture in.   I commented on this to one realtor and she said “oh, you might have to downsize your furniture” !!   What?   One of the objects of buying was to get more space!!!

Apparently these places are called “Doll’s Houses”  and that is what they are.  We are not little people and these places just would not do.   There was one place where the front door opened into a room big enough to hold only a couch and chair OR a dining table -  You had to choose because the arched doorway from this room went into an itsy kitchen and then there was a back door.  (the current owners of this place had their table outside on a deck – wonder what they do in winter!)

There was one place where the 2nd bedroom had had a bed stuffed in there with the door open and now the door would not close!  

We moved our sights to a less transitioned neighborhood where we now got more for our money house-wise but less service wise.  Well,  there are shops there – it is just that they are mostly boarded up and those that are open have heavy duty bars on them!!  But we are optimists – based on some development starting to happen in the area.

After 11 open houses we walked into a dream one – gorgeous colors and a decent renovation – a good thing as we are not DIY people and with a mortgage this big we won’t be able to afford tradespeople.   Oh, I want this house!

After negotiating and exchanging offers and counter offers and all those other things agents do it seems we have a house!!   Settlement is scheduled for Tuesday!  Yay!!

The fun of packing is about to begin!!!!    How can so much stuff fit into a small one bedroom apartment??

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