Emjay in a D cup – Thu Oct 25 22:15:17 2007

(Emjay's note:  1/20/08:    this blog was originally called Emjay in a D cup).

The cups of the title are all mine!  

I have spent most of my adult life wishing they were a cute perky B cup -   the only time I thought big was better was when I was a teenager and my friends were flat and not so attractive to the opposite sex – the opposite sex at that time only being interested in boobs and not brains or beauty.  Over the years many men have directed conversations directly at them tempting me to want to say "they won't answer" …..

They never feel quite right unless they are held up by underwire.   My mother took me to be "fitted" for my first bra when I was about 10 years old – I was horrified to find myself topless with a woman clinically putting a cold tape measure around my budding chest and then commenting to my mother "ah, she has heavy bosoms" !!   I thought it couldn't get worse than the nudity and tape measure but now I just wished to fall through the floor!!

These heavy old bosoms have adequately fed three children and got me to the perimenopausal stage of life.  They have been prodded and poked and squashed into mammogram machines and provided many hours of pleasure to men.

They are all mine but gee I wish they were a B. 

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  1. I still remember going off to summer vacation and all the girls would have shirts or dresses on with no sign of breast development then back to school and all of a sudden girls you played with suddenly had breasts and we boys were gravely told to leave the girls alone. At least you had your mother there, I've know women whose fathers took them for their first bra purchase. Talk about wanting to die.

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